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FRP Pipe Manufacturers Seeking More Business Opportunities in Present and Future

FRP products are vastly covering major areas of the industries. These are used for manufacturing pipes and fittings and storage equipments. In this post, frp pipe manufacturers will discuss about FRP piping solutions and their uses in detail. Let’s read this article and find how frp piping solution can be used.

FRP piping

You should not confuse FRP piping with a general thermoplastic piping, such as polyethylene and PVC. These systems usually employ non-reinforced, extruded pipe and injection-molded flanges and fittings. Manufacturers prepare FRP piping materials with the help of winding processes that employ epoxy resins, reinforced with continuous filaments of glass.

The resins used by manufacturing unit undergo irreversible chemical reactions during curing. This offers superior temperature capabilities, mechanical properties, and strength as compared to ordinary non-reinforced thermoplastics. This process followed by manufacturers is known as thermosetting. It results in enhanced performance and lightweight equipments.

You must not also get confuse hand lay-up and machine-made FRP equipments. There are thousands of hand lay-up manufacturers including small shops that usually specialize in consumer products like pleasure boats or bathroom vanities. You will find limited number of manufacturers producing machine-made or custom FRP products.

Machine made FRP equipments have a higher glass loading content as compared to hand lay-up products. Machine made FRP products are more reproducible because they are in quality-controlled environment.

The huge demand for FRP machine-made piping system has been made by industries. FRP piping is now used in distinct applications ranging from handling combustible and flammable liquids to sewer, oil and water mains in the industrial and municipal market.

The handling of combustible and flammable liquids include the underground piping of alcohols, gasolines, and gasoline-alcohol mixtures at commercial and retail vehicle fueling facilities.

Though concrete sewer and drainage piping are still preferred by people, but there are areas where FRP works best. For instance, concrete pipe doesn’t perform well in decomposing sewage.

The future of FRP pipes is bigger and better. Apart from oil and gas industry, there are many other industrial clients who are interested in applying these piping solutions to their infrastructure. It is cost effective and durable and has zero maintenance life.

To know more facts about FRPs, you may contact FRP pipe manufacturers and avail as much information as you required. Share this post with your friends and let them know about FRP piping solutions.

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