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General Use of Polyester Laminating Resin by FRP Products Manufacturers

The polyester laminating resin is used by FRP products manufacturers India for making of wide range of GRP and FRP products, such as canoes, boats, telephone booths, bus shelters, bath tubs, water, storage tanks, flower pots, containers, dustbins, helmets, chairs, tables, sporting equipments, car body, storage tanks, silos, and other household equipments. GRP laminates made with polyester laminating resin includes superb mechanical strength and have outstanding durability and good rigidity.

The general purpose polyester laminating resin offers best performance when it is completely cured. How manufacturers cure it?

Manufacturers of FRP and GRP products cure the polyester laminating resin by combining catalyst and accelerator in proper proportion and using it at room temperature for a sufficient time period. In general, 1% of catalyst should be combined with 0.5% of accelerator for specific products.

Manufacturers achieve the adjustments for shorter and longer geltime by ranging the catalyst and/or accelerator amount while making use of it. They should not exceed the catalyst amount by 2% and it should remain above 0.5%. The accelerator should be range between 0.4% and 1%. Accuracy is important for manufacturers. They need to check that accelerator should be completely mixed into resin prior adding the catalyst. This will help them avoiding a direct blending that could result in an explosion.

Is there any special guidelines that manufacturing companies provide for storing this resin?

Yes, manufacturers of FRP products advice people to store polyester resin in the dark and cool place where temperature should be below at 25 Degrees Celsius. The stability of the polyester resin is damaged by higher temperature storing practice. You should not expose the resin to direct sunlight. The resin has to be kept in a cool, dark place. The stored resin can be stocked for up to three months, which means you need to finish it within three months.

The resin can be packed in a storage steel tank or drums that have good capacity.

There are manufacturers in India that can provide you best quality polyester resin that you can use for distinct applications. You can even customize it according to your needs. FRP products manufacturers India are also providing technical services to their clients. You can anytime contact their customer support and inquire about their products range and prices.

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