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Why Cooling Tower Manufacturing Units Apply GRP Pipes to System?

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If you have noticed any cooling tower system, you may discover that GRP pipes are used in their designing. Since GRP pipes are revealing the benefits of glass re-enforced fiber, this sturdy material offers limitless possibilities and it is inert to the aggressive environment of open re-circulating cooling systems.


Cooling systems are required by many power processing and manufacturing plants. The industries using these systems take special care of these machines and protect them against corrosion. Cooling tower systems are at high risk of corrosion and if it happens, it takes lots of time and money to get repaired.


Challenges and remedial actions

Cooling tower function is to reject or transfer heat from the unit. It either uses water or air or coolant to complete its job. Cooling water is re-circulated or recycled through the system. The cooling effect of a wet surface is better than the dry one.


Cooling systems have several types of metals including copper, steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum. Galvanizing technique is common in open loop cooling system as the technique is cost effective and also protects steel from corrosion. This material extends the lifespan of the system to 20 years or more when maintained properly.


The corrosion depends on the pH of the system. If pH is more than 8.2, corrosion may start and the whitish layer of rust is seen. This shows that the oxidized zinc is unable to protect the steel now and the lifespan of the metal system will be reduced significantly. In most cases, corrosion protection of yellow metals is achieved by professionals with the use of triazole based inhibitors. Their protection mechanism and effectiveness were studied by several professionals, but lately it was discovered that triazole usage promotes toxicity data.


GRP piping system

Earlier, metal pipes have been widely used even if there was corrosion problem, fouling and bio film formation in low velocity zones or crevices.


Today, GRP material has taken over the metal pipes and manufacturing units are now employing GRP pipes to the systems. GRP piping demonstrates the benefits of glass re-enforced fiber.


It is a material with limitless possibilities and it is inert to aggressive environment of cooling systems- TDS, low pH, bacteria, high chlorides, corrosion, biofilm and also to all chemicals and formulations injected to shield the expensive metal of heat exchange surfaces.


So, it’s clear now why cooling system manufacturers use GRP pipes to their systems. If you still have any doubt or question for experts, make comments below.Add paragraph text here.

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